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Are you looking to increase revenues in your hotel, bar and/or restaurant? Then Affiliate Marketing is the route for you.

So what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance based marketing model, it is made up essentially of components, Merchants, Publishers and Consumers. Merchants is you for example, your hotel, bar and/or restaurant, Publishers also known as affiliates are your partners who drive strategic traffic (Consumers) to your website, to make a purchase.

The benefits of affiliate marketing?  

It's performance based! You only pay the Publishers/Affiliates once a sale has been made.

Why choose Affiliate Marketing over traditional marketing?

Like we said above, this is performance based on actual sales made, whereas traditional marketing isn't many online marketing strategies are based on Impression numbers and what we mean by impressions is the number of people that saw your advert, with traditional marketing you pay for people to see your advert.

So if people see your advert but don't buy anything from you, that still costs you, but affiliate marketing doesn't. 

What we could do for you?

Here at Laroca Consultancy, we can help you set up your affiliate marketing programme so it thrives.

If you need extra help, we can also set up and manage your affiliate programme on your behalf.  

To Get Started

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