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Customer experience and journey mapping is crucial in any business, but is most often overlooked Here at Laroca, our customer experience and journey mapping solution maps the end-to-end customer journey and lets your organisation have a full visual on each step your customer takes with your business. 

Through our proven techniques, we look at the whole process through the eyes of your customers, here we identify anything that works well for your customers whilst understanding what does not work well for them, identifying areas of the journey that could be improved to enhance your customer's journey. Afterall, the more seamless you can make your customer's journey, the more likely the customer will return time and time again, whilst telling other people how great your business is. 

We understand that different customers have different needs and expectations. Here we use customer segmentation and develop accurate customer personas, we can better understand how they differ and how their experience differs too.

Once we have identified and understood your existing full customer journey and the pain-points of your customers experience, we can then get to work developing an improved customer journey map that enhances your customer's journey and improves the overall customer experience.  

The customer journey mapping doesn't just cover the customer's buying journey, it also covers the customer journey when making an inquiry, when making a complaint and much more. We look at the different touch points the customer may use to interact with you, what is the customers journey and experience like when the customer contacts you not only via your website, but on the telephone or via your live web chat, or via email, or via social media, with our customer experience and journey mapping solution we look at everything. 

As part of our customer experience and journey mapping we gain insight and gather data using customer feedback, analytics, mystery shopping solutions, live interactions and more.      

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