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Whether you are wanting to launch an ecommerce product from scratch or to an existing business, we have you covered. Maybe you are wanting to launch your own affiliate programme to sell more of your products or services, well here at Laroca Consultancy can help you with that!

Or, maybe you are wanting to launch your own ecommerce store, we can help you with that too!

We will work with you by firstly holding a discovery meeting with you to find out exactly what your brief is, what goal you are aiming for and what the end result is that you want to achieve.

We will then work with you to map out the project delivery roadmap so you can see what exactly we are working on and when, to help you best  deliver your business objective. Once the roadmap has been agreed and signed off, then we start working with you to deliver that roadmap to completion.

We can help you with;

If you have a current ecommerce platform that you are wanting to move away from to a new platform, we can project manage your ecommerce replatforming project, from conception to completion of the project, giving you the piece of mind. 

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