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As with any successful customer centric business, your employees will play a pivital part in the success of your business and any changes to the customer experience processes, it is therefore important that you have employee buy-in to the changes you are wanting to make. 

In any business there are some employees who fear change and often with good reason, after all, no employee is going to like change if it means their job is at risk as a result of the change, it is therefore imperative that employees are engaged with at all times through any business changes. You must allow them to ask questions and don't just dismiss their questions or concerns, it's important to list and address their concerns. 

How do we engage with your employees?

At Laroca, we firstly use an assessment tool to understand how each of your employees learns in the most effective way. Afterall, there is 4 different learning styles, so to fully engage with your staff it's important we identify how they learn best.

By doing this assessment it allows us to look at how best to roll out any changes within a specific team or the wider business, this will help ensure everyone if fully engaged. 

The second assessment we do is to establish what your employees really think about the job they do and for the business they work for. It looks at things like;

1) How valued to they feel?
2) How supported do they feel?

And much more. We then use data from both the assessments to highlight any areas of concern, and allows us to put in place any training or developement that needs to be put in place, to ensure your employees are most engaged.  

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