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Here at Laroca Consultancy, we have a network of experienced consultants who can work with you to achieve your hotels business goals, whether it be operational or financial, we can help your business with revenue risk management across your business. We can work with the following areas within your hotel;

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing is an important department within a hotel, its main purpose is to make sure people know about your hotel and make sure you are the hotel of choice when a person is looking to book thereby increasing your occupancy rate. It's other role is to increase revenue of your hotels other products and services.  

We offer a comprehensive marketing consultancy, working with you to develop an unforgettable brand that delivers positive results for. This starts with branding and marketing audit, where we take the time to understand your hotel business and understand your hotel and marketing objectives.

We will go through, your brand identity, your logo, current and previous marketing campaigns and activities and then work with you to makes changes and improvements where needed.

Front of House

This is the first face to face contact your guest has with your hotel, so it is vitally important that this department is working like a well oiled machine. Working with our consultants, we will look at how your staff engages with your guests, your staffs knowledge, learning and development, your work flow processes and systems all to understand how your front of house currently operates. 

We will then work with you on any staff training needs we have identified, changes to work process and systems, all to ensure your guests recieve a consistant and exceptional customer experience every time.   

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage department is a key component to make additional revenue in any hotel, with upsell opportunities in abundance. This department has to maintain high quality of food and drinks and also the service too! If your hotel offers a guest a great night sleep with great quality food and drinks on offer too and an exceptional customer experience, then quests cannot help but come back time and time again.

We will look over all the key areas of the food and beverage department, from staff product knowledge and training, departmental processes and cleanliness, we will then work with you to improve areas that we have identified that need improvement to increase revenue to your F&B department and your hotel overall.   


Not all hotels will have a function room, but if your hotel does, this can see your overall business revenue increase for your hotel. A successful hotel events team, should bring in a high level of revenue to the hotel. Events may include;

We will look at your events department studying what events you hold and how they are marketed to your target audience, we will look at event planning staff training and their knowlege, how you plan your events, how you execute your events, the guest interactions and guest engagements.

We will then formulate a plan and work with you to make improvements to build customer loyalty and increase revenue.   


Nothing puts a guest off quicker from returning to a hotel, than a dirty hotel! Housekeeping is an important department within a hotel and you should never look to cut costs here and if you must, it should be as the very last resort. Where cleanliness is concerned, guests rightly have very high expectations. Hotel rooms are the core business of all hotels and should be treated as such.

Working with us, we will look at your current hotel cleanliness standards, staff training, knowledge and departmental processes, identifying areas for improvement, we will then work with you to make the required changes, all to ensure the guests have a great guest experience at your hotel.     

Human Resources

Look after your team and your team will look after your hotel business. 

We will look at how you recruit and train new staff to ensure you get the best out of the individual. We will look at staff retention and work with you to improve your hotel team to get the best of them and ensure they feel valued working at your hotel too 


Nothing annoys your staff more than poor IT equipment, systems and bad processses. We will work with you to improve processes and systems that aren't really up to the job, ensuring your guests get the best experiences whilst staying at your hotel. 


Don't worry we're here to help you. If you need help with any of the above, please contact us and lets have a discovery call and see how we can help you.

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