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So you know what business you want to start, but you have no experience in that area. Most people would just give up and say they can't do it because they have no experience – this is where you have to be smarter and quit with excuses!

Let us say that for example, you want to start your own Social Media Consultancy business and you have zero experience of marketing strategies on social media. It would  be difficult to get clients when you don’t have experience as your clients would want to see results. It can be even more harder if you don’t have any experience in what you are offering. So how do you overcome that and build your experience?

You have two options, the first, try and get paid employment with a company and build up your experience. This can be just as hard as trying to get paid clients as most employers want someone with experience.

The second option and this is the most under valued route in to gain experience. I would recommend you research, 10 local small independent businesses in your area. Choose businesses that you are truly 100% passionate about, so for example, if you love fashion – choose a local fashion retailer who’s products you love! Choose 5 businesses, that have either zero social media presence or a very small social presence. I would then approach those 5 businesses and say “I love what you do, do you need any help with your Social Media, I would love to help you grow your online presence, If you need any help, I would love to help you out for FREE for 12 months!”

You should be able to get 5 businesses out of your list of 10 to take you up on your offer easily. What you are creating is a mutually beneficial business relationship. Once you have the 5 businesses on board, you can research effective marketing strategies and how to execute them as you do it.

Fast forward 12 months and if you were as great at social media as you thought you were going to be, you have just gained 5 years worth of useful and practical experience in 1 year, working across hopefully different sectors.

If you were successful and grew the 5 businesses online presence and as long as the business owners were happy with the outcome, you then ask the owners, if they would be happy to write a testimonial for you. If they are, then you have 5 awesome testimonials that will go along way in helping you get paid clients moving forward.

Do not be afraid to work for free for 1 year, you have to earn the right to be able to charge clients when you are starting out and have no experience. You can’t hang out at the finish line until you have run the race.

In 2019, go after the life you want, just work smart to get it. 


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