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Having received many email booking confirmation emails from the various stays at hotels, I have noticed many hotels follow the same auto-email sequence and nearly in every case they are missing something.

Most hotels set up automated email to send to guests 2 or 3 days before they arrive and no doubt your hotel does the same. It is probably a standard “My team and I look forward to welcoming you to our hotel on the <date>.” type of email. The problem with this type of email is it doesn’t require the guest to do anything. Guests simply open the email and close the email, possibly deleting it afterwards if they can be bothered to.

Every auto-email should always require the guest to do something, which is why emails should be carefully thought out and most importantly aligned with your business goal with a clear call-to-action included in your email.

The biggest opportunity that I think every hotel is missing out on right now with your auto-emails is… upsell.

Today go and have a look at your auto-email sequence and see if you have an upsell email in your sequence. If you don’t have one, go and set up a “ Personalise your stay with us “ auto-email. By not doing so you are leaving revenue on the table, money that your guest will go on to spend elsewhere.

You must use this email opportunity to upsell your additional services to personalise your guests stay, for example, a room upgrade, a bottle of champagne upon your guests arrival, a pick up and drop off at the train station or airport, a spa and wellness treatment or afternoon tea.

By launching your “Personalise your stay with us” email, see how much extra revenue this creates for your business, this is a simple but effective way to increase your revenue.

If you are thinking about whether email marketing is vital, go and check out one of our previous articles ‘ Why Mailing Lists Are Still Vital To Use Today ‘.

Guests now more than ever are looking for hotels that offer more than just a bed for the night, they are looking for hotels that offer the perfect guest experience. So what will you do to stand out from your competitors? A ‘Personalise your stay with us’ email is just one way to gain guest experience perfection.

Guests who have a great experience during their stay are more likely to book a future stay, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues and more likely to share their experience on social media, leading to an increase in acquiring new customers with zero cost to your business and also increasing retention of existing guests.

Check your auto-email sequence and see how you can upsell to your future booked guests. 

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