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Are you struggling to attract new customers?

Are you getting a lot of negative online reviews, but not sure why?

Are customers telling you they love your business but then never coming back?

At Laroca Consultancy, via our network of mystery shoppers, we provide expert mystery shopping services, to test exactly what it is like to use your business.

Working undercover we get to experience your business just as a normal customer would and then on successful completion of an assignment, we create a detailed report to feedback to you exactly what our experience was like and any recommendations for improvements.

Whilst undercover as a customer we test the following:

  • First impressions
  • Customer service
  • Staff knowledge
  • Staff behaviour
  • Processes and procedures
  • ...And much more

If you need help to improve your business revenue, improve your repeat customer rate, reduce negative feedback about your business, then please contact us and lets have a chat about how we can help.  


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