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Whatever feedback you are wanting, this model is a simple one. I have used it myself when working with a brand new team of contact centre advisers. For this we were looking at how to streamline effectively the processes the team had to go through to get their job done daily.

Here you have 3 simple columns, simply named Stop, Start and Continue and I pinned this up on the wall near the team and asked them to fill the sheet in over the next 2 weeks, they didn’t need to put their individual names against their comment. I wanted the team members to tell me what part of the processes they wanted to STOP doing, what they would like to START doing and what part of the process they want to CONTINUE doing.

Stop Start ContinueAsking your staff opinion can improve staff morale greatly, as the staff feel more valued and involved. Also, its easier to get the staff to buy in to changes and improvements that you then decide to make.

The STOP, START AND CONTINUE method can be used for numerous purposes not just team processes. You can use it as it focuses on, what are you doing that doesn’t work? STOP! What needs improving? START! And, what is working well? CONTINUE!

You can also use the method for Feedback for Team Leaders and Managers using the following questions:
You can use this method when reviewing your marketing campaigns:
You can use this method for a whole ray of feedback, try it and as always we would love to hear your feedback and how it worked for you.

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