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The new year is now here and many of you may be wanting to increase your income in 2019, so here below we have selected the top 5 business ideas you can start today!

#1 Online Courses
You can create a course about anything that you are truly passionate about, it could be work related or even a hobby that you are passionate about. Once you have created your course you are then able to sell the course on your own website and/or other course reseller platforms.

#2 Affiliate Marketing
If you have a website, no matter what your website is you will be able to find merchants who have an official affiliate programmes that you can join, all of which are usually free.

#3 Buying and Selling online 
This is otherwise known as flipping, so you buy something maybe from a car boot sale and then when you get home stick it straight onto ebay or another sellers platform and sell the products you just bought! There are people that will buy popular products from £1 shops, go home and sell the products online for £6-£7

#4 Social Media Consultant
If you are good at Social Media and know how to get great engagement, you could possibly seek out local businesses that are not on social media or who’s social media is struggling and offer them your help for a fee.

#5 Drop-shipping Online
Drop-shipping is becoming more and more popular, if you fancy selling online clothing like t-shirts for example. this is a great way to get started. Join forces with drop-shippers like Printful. This is where you add your products to your online store, when someone orders your product, it goes straight through to the drop-shipper, who will print on the t-shirt design and then pack and post the t-shirt direct to your customer.

There are many other business ideas you could start in 2019, these are just our top 5 ideas. 

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