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Did you know that 88% of consumers contact a local business within 24 hours of finding out about them online? So it’s important that your website is the go to place for customers to find out more about you. The hardest thing is getting customers to your website in the first place.

1. If you want to be found easily in Google Searches etc, the top tip is to have your domain name for your website, the same as the most possible search term. Years ago I had a business that erected log cabins, I could have had the website domain the same as my business name, but I chose to have the domain as the most popular search term. So I bought the domain name You see, most people who were looking for a log cabin, were much more likely to search log cabin erectors. I quickly saw people finding my site quickly and easily and getting in contact. You don’t have to have a search term domain, but if you don’t, you will need great tags and SEO.

2. Make sure you share your website across your social media channels. When sharing in post like an offer for example, make sure you link it back to a landing page for your offer, not your website home page. Customers want to be able to find more information on your offer quickly and easily, they do not want to be spending ages searching for it.

3. Make sure your business is listed in all the relevant FREE online business directories. Plus also create a FREE Google My Business page. This will also help you get higher up on Google search results.

4. Make sure you shout about your website in emails, whether that is simply including your website address in your email signature or by linking back to your website in your mailing list emails.

5. Submit your websites to as many search engines as possible, there are various free sites that you can use to do this in one go, so you don’t have to register to each search engine individually.

Try these five tips and see how quickly you can get traffic visiting your site. 

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