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Prior to 1989, everybody who had an office job, no matter what kind of office job that may have been, will have had to physically leave their house every work day and commuted by busy roads, trains or bus! which meant you were probably stressed before you even started your working day! Fast forward just 29 years and things are starting to change thanks to a marvelous invention in 1990 called the Internet!

Yes thanks to the internet and the constant evolution of technology, remote working is becoming more and more possible and fast becoming a reality. No matter what your office job actually is, working from an employers office is no longer actually needed. So why do businesses fail to see and utilise the full advantage of this? Is it because, Managers are just not skilled enough in remote managing their team? Is it because managers don’t trust their staff enough to offer remote working? It maybe non of these, it maybe all of these, each business and manager are different and will have their own reasons for not offering remote working.

However, if you allow your staff to work remotely, you will no longer require such a big office space that costs huge amounts of money to keep it running with heat, lights etc. Your staff no longer feel stressed by the tedious and monotonous daily commute into work, resulting in the individual being in a better mind space resulting in better performance at their job. Also remote working removes office politics from the workplace.

You can still manage staff performance  through various technological systems, you can still hold face to face one-one’s and hold your daily team buzz meeting using SKYPE or Google Hangouts, which are free to use!

As Time and flexibility is wanted more and more by employees, the benefit of offering remote working, means you can pick the best talent from around the world to work for you.

In 2018 office spaces will be revolutionised, as more businesses look to build a transparent virtual office, using the many useful tools to enable success of this. Why don’t you become a leader in this new space and create a 21st century virtual office for your business.


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